Obi was laying in the condo this afternoon when Oliver limped into the room. Oli walked over to the condo and prepared to jump in.

“There’s a brother in that condo,” I said. Oli jumped anyway. Obi wrapped himself around Oli’s legs and licked the nearest shoulder. He would never begrudge his brother a spot in the condo just because he was there first. This is a sweet fact about Kitten Thunder.

Legs bound by a brother, Oliver struggled to get loose because what he really wanted was to be on the desk. Once on the desk what he really wanted was to be on my lap. I crossed a leg to support his back and cradled him like a baby so I could play with his feet and rub his belly while I clicked away on Facebook.

Obi scootched around so his head was toward us in the condo. Then he rolled onto his back and stretched, backward, over the edge of the condo. His arms reached for Oliver. Oli was getting his neck scritched so his head eased back and he saw Obi. He reached his arms out so they touched Obi’s.

They stayed like that, stretched out with paws touching, for several minutes.

Nothing beats a brother’s love.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today, we bring you Esme, kitten of Thoughtsy from Thoughts Appear.


9 responses to “Brudders

  1. Awww… I love the look on Obi’s face. My cats aren’t as consistently nice about sharing space.

  2. Gotta agree with Laura — if I say “There’s a brother in that condo,” the response is “Not for long, dammit.” And Esme is soooooo cute!

  3. Awwww…I love that pic of Obi and Oli! And thank you for posting an Esme pic! =)

  4. So sorry that Oli is still limping – get better, little grey boy!

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