Where’s The Girl?

Oliver and I spent the first part of the day on the couch. Then I ruined both cats’ lives by going downstairs.

About ten minutes after I left Oliver, he arrived in the basement. I was working out but stopped to hold him in my lap. The Boy came down a few minutes later. “Oh good,” he said to Oliver, “you found her.” Oliver had been calling for me upstairs.

A while later the grey kitten was gone and I heard a brown kitten crying in the laundry room. I called out to him and he trotted into the room. I held him in my lap and gave him kisses on his ears.

A few minutes of snuggle satisfied him and he left.

Five minutes later, a brown kitten cried from the laundry room. “Obi! I am where you left me!” He returned for more ear kisses.




I have returned to the couch. Kitten Thunder comes through on occasion to make sure I stay put. Evidently, this is where I belong.




4 responses to “Where’s The Girl?

  1. Haha! i have been having the same problem with mine crying for me disgusted that i have moved off the sofa to behind the coffee table – in such a position cat cuddles cannot be obtained.

  2. All 3 little kittehs kept getting out of bed last night and wandering up the hall… then crying ’cause they didn’t know where I was! Mama Callie Jean gave me the classic husband look — “It’s your turn, you deal with ’em!”

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