Snapshots of a Busy Week

There are puzzle pieces all over the house. The Boy says it was Obi. Kitten profiling!


I was out of the house all day so Kitten Thunder is working overtime to make up for it.


Here we are on the couch, snuggling hard.


The Boy accused Obi of being on the counter last night because we heard someone jump down. Kitten profiling!


Does anyone watch Grey’s Anatomy? Because boy howdy is that hospital jinxed!


Evidently there is a big snow storm coming. It isn’t very impressive yet. My mom pointed out that I’ve lost the fun of a snow day by working from home. My boss is going to make me work regardless of the weather but she is going to let me wear jeans, a big sweater and fluffy socks.


Somebody was playing with the strings on our blinds this morning at still-dark-thirty. I told Obi to knock it off. Kitten profiling!


It is Thunder Thursday! On Tuesday I went to a party at the home of Jenny, Gus, and Gabe. Their person, Mona, also happens to live there. An unexperienced eye might think SHE was actually hosting the party.


"You wasted your time with the wine and cheese; I prefer belly rubs."


"Laser kitty says it's time to go home now."



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