Holy Anole!

A lizard tale:

This week, Zensai’s UV light burned out. I went to the store to buy a new one – remembering I am so grateful they last for a year because one bulb costs $34. Ouch. But, bright side, I was in the reptile section of the pet store.

So I checked out the selection.

The fire skinks were 20 percent off. But I didn’t buy one. That is one cool looking lizard.

There were many baby bearded dragons. It’s so hard to believe that my big ol’ fat, crabby dragon used to be the size of a quarter and skinny like these babies. *Sniff* They grow up so fast.

On the other aisle the neon green tree dragons were still there. Chip, the adorable little guy from a couple Thunder Thursdays ago, was still there. His brothers were laying on a log looking worn out by just having to share a tank with him as he ran back and forth and tapped on the glass sending “buymebuymebuyme” vibes out to me.

Next to them there was a tank of anoles. I love anoles. If you move you hand up and down in a kind of bobbing motion in front of their tanks, they will show you their neck flags to show you they are fierce before they zip away. Also, they’re just a really good looking lizard.

There was one in particular, resting up on top of the thermometer at the top of the cage. He had especially beady little eyes and a very pointy nose. Handsome.

From the tank next door came “buymebuymebuymebuymebuyme.”

I looked back to the anole. We made eye contact.

Next door: “buymebuymebuymebuyme.”

I looked back to the anole. He tilted his head to say hello. Contemplating me.


Back to the anole. Head tilts the other way as he considers the fool next door.


Just as I was done dosing the dragon with attention and was about to turn back to the anole, something shiny hit the side of the tank. It got my attention. I looked into the anole tank and there he was…in the water dish. The little guy had done a high dive into a very shallow pool.

The performance left him peckish so he went over to the food dish. It left Chip stunned motionless. Duly impressed, I left.


It’s Thunder Thursday!


5 responses to “Holy Anole!

  1. Okay, but … how many lizards does it take to change a light bulb?

    • It looks like it takes one crabby (and cold) dragon to stare at his girl while she changes the light bulb.

      Or, if you consider it a team effort, it took the supervision of 15 lizards to buy the light bulb and one to change it…

  2. I forgot you had an animal with scales. ::shudder:: I’m sure Zensai is really nice (and I like his name), but I can’t do reptiles.

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