Boys Gone Wild

I traveled back to my hometown this weekend to watch my nephew play hockey. My family, especially me, has a unique talent for making it snow when we travel. This week was now exception. 

As soon as I finalized my plans, a winter storm appeared out of nowhere. This morning there was another storm that closed the interstate back to Cheyenne just long enough to keep me from going home.

So here I sit on my parents’ couch, being totally ignored by their cats. My four boys are home alone.

What do you suppose they are up to? Obi is probably been very happy to only have one person to supervise. He can put all his energy and attention into doing projects with The Boy. No napping with me necessary.

Of course, Oliver likes our afternoon naps and pajama days. I doubt that The Boy has taken one for him.  I did, actually, check in and know that Oli is mostly ignoring The Boy except when he comes into the room to cry about the missing Girl.

Zensai probably doesn’t care.

And The Boy? He seems to being just fine without me. But I’m SURE that’s an act.


One response to “Boys Gone Wild

  1. I kind of like the fact that “when he comes into the room to cry about the missing Girl” could apply equally to The Boy crying to Oli or Oli crying to The Boy.

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