Battle: Check Box

The checks for my business arrived last week. I just keep getting officialer and officialer. Since I’ve got a handy dandy debit card, I got big checks in a big ledger in the hopes that I won’t lose them like I have the five personal checkbooks that are somewhere in this house.

Enter the perfect box.

The box the checks came in is the perfect width and length for a grey-sized kitten. It also happens the be the perfect depth for resting a chin. Of course, this type of perfection means that Obi, too, wanted to be in the box.

And the battle began.

It was a ferocious battle, with Obi leaping onto Oliver and Oli linking arms with the brown kitten. He’d use the leverage from the arm linking to throw Obi three feet across the room. Obi would roll, recover and return. They played like this for hours.

The Boy came home. Just in time.

Shortly after The Boy came home from work to meet the perfect box, the box became even more perfect. Kitten Thunder rolled over one edge of the box and tore one of the walls free.

A chaise box!

It has been five days since the perfect box arrived. Alas, the box is now just a flat piece of cardboard. Hour upon hour of wrestling has torn and worn it level.

Perfection, it is fleeting.

"A photo of me doesn't have to be relevant. It just has to be cute."


4 responses to “Battle: Check Box

  1. If I were you, I’d keep those checks in a very safe place. Sooner or later, the kittens are going to realize that if they shred your checks, you’ll order more.

  2. I’m reading this on my iPhone woot! Lol we also once had the perfect box – it was the box the build a bear came in , I think I have footage of it somewhere

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