The Return of Smell-o-Vision

Ah, springtime in the Rockies. Today we enjoyed sixty degree temperatures, sun and no wind. Tonight the cold weather will return with snow through the end of Wednesday.

I decided to take advantage of today and opened up some windows. New air poured into the house. It was glorious.

"Whose tail is that?"

Obi didn’t notice the open windows at first. He was walking across the room when he heard the birds. Were they in the house? No. I grabbed the brown kitten and set him on the dining room bookcase. The sun warmed his face; his eyes closed. A breeze wafted in; his nose lifted to catch it. The twitter of birds sounded; his ears swiveled.


Oliver was already laying in a sunbeam in the office condo. When I opened the window he only had to turn around to take in the smells and sound.


The previous owners of our house had a big husky. When the air gets stale the second floor still smells like dog. I’m looking forward to sleeping in a non-doggy room tonight. It will be…


"There is no better pillow than a sun-warmed brother."

Note: It probably looks like Oliver is getting the good part of this snuggle. But if you look closely you’ll see that Obi’s arms are wrapped around Oliver as well. It’s this type of sweetness that forces me to get out the camera and take their picture again.


7 responses to “The Return of Smell-o-Vision

  1. Adorable 🙂 Mine stick around the windows all day as they are also finally getting some sun 🙂

  2. Dammit, why won’t the Horde stay asleep for cuteness pics? It’s like one of them is constantly on camera-alert!

  3. Kitten hugs! Soooo cute.

    At least once a day, Holly will jump on a table and ask me to open the window for her, and then she’ll sit there happily sniffing the outside air no matter how cold it is (well, cold is relative — but she has enjoyed window time when the outside temperature has been in the 50s).

    • Indeed, Kitten Thunder would have absolutely no problem with it being 20 below if I opened the window. But even at my most desperate, I will not open the windows until it is at least ten degrees outside. And if I do that I open ALL the windows and turn on fans to pull in some new air as fast as possible.

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