Coffee Cake

The lesson of the day, boys and girls, is how much kittens like coffee cake. The short answer is: a lot. Let us take a moment, though, to explore a couple case studies.

Obi was first to notice the bag from Starbucks sitting on my desk. I was typing and didn’t think to protect my food from the kitten.  Usually he would not disturb a package. This time, his nose went right in the bag. I pushed him back and said “mine.”

Normally that would be enough. The nose went in the bag. Again and again and again. Hoping to myself that I will someday be more firm with human children, I broke a piece of coffee cake off for Obi.

His glee resounded through the house, alerting a grey kitten to the availability of food.

Oliver jumped up onto the desk and shoved Obi to the floor. I glared at him and figured he deserved what he was about to get.

Nothing. The coffee cake was gone.

Oli pushed his head all the way into the bag, then raised up to shower his face with crumbs. As he took a step back I removed the bag so he wouldn’t fall off the desk. I set the bag down. He shoved his face in. Repeat until I decide to put the bag on the floor.

Shortly later, two kittens were laying on the bed in the office washing each other’s face. Mmmm, coffee cake flavored brother.


5 responses to “Coffee Cake

  1. I love that they love coffee cake!

    Unfortunately, Esme is not a sweets kitty. She’s a salty gal. I take back that “unfortunately.” It means I don’t have to share.

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