Kitten Circus

The Boy started building the structure for his model train layout this week. Kitten Thunder thinks it is perfect for tightrope walking. They hope the trains never come.









8 responses to “Kitten Circus

  1. Soon you’ll be able to make an amazing movie about trains being attacked by giant cats.

    • Yes! I’ve asked The Boy if he has a cheap train we can use for the movie.

      The first night he was building Obi followed me down and I put him up on the framework. “Is it okay for Obi to be up here?” I asked. “For the time being,” The Boy answered. I just laughed. As if it matters if it isn’t okay once the layout is on there – they WILL be on there. Model train trees = kitten toothbrushes.

  2. So, a couple of pals walking along the train tracks… do you think they’re going to see a dead body?

  3. Looks like they almost collided there. Good thing they’re ok with sharing!

  4. Lexi would think it was a balance beam and she could stand on her tip toes.

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