Cave Monster, Now with Lasers

I asked Obi what we should blog about tonight. He said he has been cute all day so the decision would be easy. Then he pointed out that his cave was bunched up against the couch.

This cave is super special. It is a sheet that we’ve tucked in around the arm of the couch. This means the cave has two entrances. It also has a box inside. Super. Special.


I pulled the sheet out for Obi and discovered how it gets bunched up. He went inside the cave. Then he ran to the end of the sheet and his head poked out. Then Obi ran around to the entry, sheet sticking to his back, and back inside. Sheet bunched.

A little while later, Obi was laying in the cave waiting for someone to come along and be unsuspecting. No one came. He’s given up and returned to the couch for a foot snuggle.

Poor kitten.

Lucky Girl.


5 responses to “Cave Monster, Now with Lasers

  1. You got a foot snuggle instead of a foot pounce? You are lucky.

  2. just like my cats, beauty…

  3. Hehehe that’s like Candy 🙂

  4. You were smart to build a cave. I neglected to do so, and Miss Callie Jean decided to create her own… by ripping a slit in the side of the chair. Now whenever the kittens piss her off, she gets in the Chair Lair and waits to smack them as they walk past!

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