Meh. Ow.

We’re having a weird day here at the Thunder household. I’m feeling a little snarky. Oliver is a little whiny. And Obi is trying to help but I got off the couch, callously forsaking his foot snuggle. Now he’s laying in the condo glaring at me.

The Boy has been gone all day and has train club on Thursday night so he’s missed out on most the fun.

To cheer ourselves up, and because it’s Thunder Thursday, we went in search of a funny cat meme. We present to you: Business Cat.

We’ll return on Sunday, snark free and with cute kitten tales!

5 responses to “Meh. Ow.

  1. The “I’m going to sleep on it” one kind of makes me wish I were a cat.

  2. “I’ll be pooping in that later.” I love Business Cat! And the fact that you can say “the Boy has train club” without falling over laughing at him is a star in your crown, my dear!

  3. I love the “I’ll be kneading it” one!

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