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Return of The Boy

The Boy was gone all weekend to play with trains. Kitten Thunder was not happy. For one thing, many boxes of train stuff was taken out on Friday morning. Oliver was in a panic, maybe thinking we were moving. He wouldn’t let me hold him, probably trying to keep me from saying goodbye and thus keeping me from leaving.

Half an hour later I was at my desk, working. Oliver calmed down, a little.

Friday night, Oliver spent much of the night prowling the house and calling for The Boy. He’d come back to bed for a while. Then he was off again. “Boy! We’re in bed!”

Exhausted, Oli has spent a lot of the day sleeping.

Obi has reacted by being super lovey. We snuggled all last evening. We snugggled for most of the day. Obi even laid in my arms, in Oli’s normal spot, for hours. Impressive for a kitten with a five minute attention span.

The Boy has been home for half an hour. He caught a cold while he was gone and Oliver is sitting next to him, weighing the risk of cooties against his obligation to administer purr therapy.

Obi’s belly has been properly rubbed for the first time in days…no offense, Girl.

I am also happy to see The Boy, of course. I’ve shared the leftover drugs from my bout with the six-week crud.

Tomorrow we will all wake to the world as it should be. Together.


Thunder Thursday snapshots

Oliver has to have his temperature taken to make sure his painkiller doesn’t cause a fever. One morning he was struggling more than usual. From the sound of his meow, I think the thermometer…um…went in further than usual.

He hasn’t had his temperature taken since. We’re both fine with that.


The wind was blowing really hard yesterday so there was very little going on with OutTV. Obi was watching me work from the condo in the office. Then something thunked against the window. I looked over, and it was Obi doing the thunking. I got up to see what he was so excited about. I searched the driveway. I looked at the garage roof. Then Obi attacked the glass again and I saw the cause of his enthusiasm.

A leaf on the window sill.


Obi has decided that the best place for belly rubs is under the dining room table. It proves that he is abused AND neglected that we won’t climb under the table to rub his belly for him. We walk to the original belly rubbing spot in the living room and wait for him to give in.


Oliver wants me to stop blogging. It is interfering with snuggle time.


Thunder Thursday! Here is Emerson and her person, Ashley. Ashley is a walking exclamation point. I’m thinking Emerson is the layer of calm in their household.


Bonus Thunder Thursday! Returning to the blog, we have Fred and Benjy holding down my aunt’s fireplace. The lives of cats are so hard. Fred wanted to show the world his pretty belly. Such a pretty belly!