Any Given Sunday

I don’t know if I mentioned that I took a seasonal job at one of those big box stores for taxes, which shall remain nameless. I probably shouldn’t have – it  is a real distraction from getting my work done at the whole self employment thing. Plus, and this is probably the worst thing ever, Kitten Thunder misses me when I work my nine hour shift on Saturday.

The Boy tells me that Oliver comes to him on Saturday afternoon and yells at him. Where is The Girl? What did The Boy do to her? Why did he let her leave? Is The Boy willing to lay down for a nap? Oliver needs a person to hold him down for his afternoon nap!

So on Sunday, Kitten Thunder gives me a lot of supervision. First, Oliver and I sleep very late. Very, very late. Then we drag ourselves out of bed and go to the couch to watch some TV via the OnDemand system because my favorite TV shows have all been scheduled for Friday evening and we’re still drinking beer when they come on. I love OnDemand.

Once I was done with that today – and checked to make sure that AMC hasn’t bothered to post last week’s episode of Mad Men on their OnDemand channel because they hate me – I put on some shorts and got our chairs out of the garage for some reading in the sun. In case you aren’t from Wyoming, it should not be 75 degrees until June. We are 30 degrees above the expected high temperature for this time of year. And tomorrow we’re expecting snow.

Obi was very upset about me being on OutTV. I should not have been out. I should have been in, kissing his ears as we watched OutTV together. It’s hard to read with a kitten crying at you from the window, but I managed to do it for a couple chapters. I fully intend to use my laptop for a show I’m developing for OutTV called The Girl Works in the Sun, debuting this summer.

To put the fuzzy minds of our household at ease, I came inside to watch the first two episodes of Mad Men on my computer. Have I mentioned Mad Men has bothered to post their shows OnDemand? Also, that they didn’t bother to advertise the premier AT ALL on ANYthing I watched so I didn’t even know it was on until The Boy suggested we watch it?

Anywho, Oliver and Obi and I went into my office and started up Mad Men. I rearranged the office last week so I had to clean some stuff off the bed in order to lay on it. Obi was excited until I made the bed – undoing all his hard unmaking work. Oli was excited until I laid down on the bed. I don’t know why that bothered him, but it did. Lucky for him, I didn’t lay down very long because AMC’s video player is crap and I had to keep getting up to reload it.

Oliver was much happier sitting on my lap at the desk.

Previous episodes watched, I went downstairs to work out during this week’s show. Obi did a thorough inspection of The Boy’s latest work of the train layout. Evidently The Boy is very sneaking about drilling 20 holes and running wire because neither Oli nor Obi supervised him while he did it yesterday. Obi says it looks okay to him. He brought up a couple questions when The Boy came home this evening.

And now we blog. I continue to be very closely supervised by both kittens. Of course, it has been a hard day so Oliver is laying in the condo and Obi is on the bed. And they are both watching me through closed eyelids.


Unrelated note: there was some mighty fine people watching at that tax place yesterday. For much of the morning there was a large, bald, tattooed man playing with a tiny puppy in the parking lot. Then a teenager rode by on a unicycle.

And then a guy showed up in a Volkswagon Fox and backed into a parking spot to go to another store. In January, a guy in a Volkswagon Fox backed into the exact same spot to go to another store so I figured it would be the same guy. Nope. The questions are many: how many Foxes are there in Cheyenne? Do they have a club? Is that widely regarded to be the best darn parking spot for  a Fox in the whole town? And why back in?

Have a great week. We’ll be thinking about you from sunny/snowy Cheyenne!



5 responses to “Any Given Sunday

  1. So I guess you don’t watch The Walking Dead — they had some pretty hilarious commercials telling Walking Dead viewers that they should watch Mad Men because the two shows are exactly alike.

    In other news, I’m impressed that you remember the guy from the Volkswagon Fox back in January well enough to know that it was a different guy today.

    • Back in January, before people were doing their taxes, a ton of people were still parking in front of our door so we played a game called Grocery Store/Liquor Store where we guess where they were actually going. This guy backed in so I guessed grocery store AND liquor store. I remember him because he could barely walk (yet parked 60 feet from the grocery store for no apparent reason), went to the grocery store, came back with two bags in a cart, loaded his car and TOOK THE CART BACK. Dumbfounding.

      So he was memorable.

      • You’re better at Grocery Store / Liquor Store than I would be — I would have thought that he was definitely not going to the grocery store, because backing in to the parking space makes trunk access more difficult.

      • It helps if you know what the parking spot looks like. Backing up puts his trunk right on the sidewalk, actually. :.)

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