No Snow

That’s right, our big snow storm resulted in approximately 2,000 snowflakes distributed over the entire town. While it wasn’t a huge storm, it did get dark and cold.  It is especially dark and cold compared to Sunday.

Monday morning came without the sun. Kitten Thunder and I had the light in the office and both lights over the desk turned on all day.

At first Oliver was perfectly warm and cozy. That’s because he was using Obi as a blanket. When I looked over at the condo all I saw was brown kitten. Then I noticed two white feet poking up along the side. Oli feet.

This was too good to last, though, and Obi eventually left to watch squirrels. Chilled, Oliver was forced to join me at the desk where he could absorb my heat and block the rays of the space heater.


Speaking of sharing…or not…we tried that new breakfast routine where Obi ate in the kitchen and Oli ate in the breakfast nook. In three days Oliver figured out he could get the same amount of food if he jammed all of his food into his mouth in three big bites. Then he could get to Obi’s food before I even put down the fork.


We’re back to everyone eating in the nook.


5 responses to “No Snow

  1. Awwww. I don’t mean to tell you how to do your job, but you really need to learn to work on the couch with a laptop and a blanket.

  2. the food battle will never be settled — just make ’em fight it out like a bunch of Tributes over a Snackwell!

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