How many supervisors does it take…

…to help an engineer build a desk from IKEA? We had one girl and two cats. We hoped it would be enough.

My birthday is coming up at the end of the month. Since I’m tired of sitting at my tiny desk, staring at the corner, I asked my parents for a new desk so I could look at the room or out the window. Since either The Boy or I will be busy every weekend for the rest of the month, today was the day to drive down to Denver to the IKEA store.

I had picked out my desk online so I didn’t realize that this is one of those build your own dealies. I mean, I knew we (The Boy) would have to assemble it, but this desk wasn’t sold as a desk. It was two desk tops (many finish options), a cupboard (options), a shelf (options), legs (options!) And a monitor shelf that was nowhere near the rest of the pieces. Oy. I’d show you a picture, but I left my phone in the car.

Here’s my desk, waiting to be loaded in the car.


Here’s my desk, through the miracle of IKEA and Subaru design, in my compact car.


We had a delicious lunch and headed home. The boxes were unloaded as far as the hallway so we could rest, do some chores, and unwind a little bit. Kitten Thunder inspected our purchase.


Then, the building began.









The desk is huge! We bought the smallest desk tops available and I still have enough room for both computers, the printer, my work and two cats. Of course that doesn’t mean I expect the cats to lay anywhere but on my work…

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the groovy new desk! And thanks, Boy, for driving me back and forth from Denver and assembling my desk for me!

Stay tuned as we go to work tomorrow.


10 responses to “How many supervisors does it take…

  1. The desk looks great — you can tell it was well-supervised. You don’t actually think they’re going to let you sit in that chair, though, do you?

  2. Kitties are great supervisors.

    Stupid IKEA. I love stuff that I see there, and then I think, “Do I really want to put this together?”

    • I would never attempt it without The Boy. Especially since we modified their furniture to fit my needs. When I put my old desk together it took hours, involved a lot of cussing and just a little bit of crying. And some blood.

  3. The desk is made and everyone survived? I didn’t know that could happen!

  4. i zeroed in on the “delicious lunch” part of your blog. i think we all need to give three snaps in a z formation to the ikea restaurant–a cornucopia of swedish delights! and so cheap! (congrats on the new desk! it’s *gawgeous*!)

    • We actually had a delicious breakfast at IKEA which I failed to mention. And ANd AND they deducted the cost of that breakfast from my furniture purchase of $100 or more. Sweet! We’re eating there every time we go from now on, in my opinion.

  5. Congrats, it looks awesome and I am sure supervisors have something new to look forward to playing around 🙂

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