Sunshine in my eyes…

Day two of the new desk.  It has been pretty good so far. Some highlights:

We haven’t put the shelf for my monitor on the desk yet. I’ve spent a lot of time explaining to Obi that “out of the way” includes his butt. He is not even slightly transparent.


Even though I put bread on the window sill to attract them, the squirrel that appeared there scared the crud out of me. On that side of the house they jump down from the garage. Sudden like.

Oliver was in the condo with his head three inches from that squirrel but he didn’t notice because he was staring at me.  Obi was on the bed. I tried pointing. I tried pretending like I was throwing something at the window. I tried pointing again.

Two oblivious kittens.

Finally I stood up and used two fingers to turn Oliver’s head. As it swiveled toward the window his eyes became big and round. A squirrel!


Seconds after I took this picture, Obi slammed into the glass. He launched himself from the bed.

The squirrel? Didn’t care.


For some reason Kitten Thunder decided that my new desk makes sleeping downstairs for the afternoon power nap possible. I don’t know why. Oliver slept in the condo. Obi was on the bed. Both – in super cute fashion – were holding a back foot in their arms and against their cheeks like a blankey.


Obi found a shelf in the desk. It is a secret shelf and Oliver can’t figure out where it is. Every time he sits on the desk top and tries to look below he gets punched in the nose by a brown kitten paw.



The desk is perfect for sunbathing.


2 responses to “Sunshine in my eyes…

  1. That’s what Callie Jean does with The Forbidden Lairs she’s made in the couch and the chair — the kittehs will walk innocently by and KAPOW! Paw of Death!

  2. I love the pic with Squirrel, how spontaneous of you! Yesterday before going to the hospital Bubbles spotted a stray cleaning herself in the balcony and Bubbles ran from one window to the other (he only meant friendship) but the stray didn’t care 🙂

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