And the downside…

It’s Wednesday morning and I am now starting a list of problems associated with the new desk.

1. The squirrel on the window sill makes Obi’s tail swish. My papers keep swishing with the tail and falling to the floor.

2. Obi thinks he can chase the squirrel through the wall when it jumps up onto the garage. This means running across the desk in front of the monitor and over my printer.

3. A squirrel eating bread with attitude to taunt your cats is really distracting.

That’s about it for the bad stuff. The awesomeness of the new desk far outweighs any bad things.

I’m sorry to say I don’t have anyone for Thunder Thursday. I invited Lori over to drink a bottle of chardonnay that I noticed on top of our fridge. The second she left, Oliver appeared and he is holding me down on the couch. It seems wrong to disturb him over a photo of someone else’s cat.


Instead, a photo of Oli and Obi “sharing” the bed in my office.


2 responses to “And the downside…

  1. Squirrels are such troublemakers.

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