A public service announcement from The Girl

In the middle of the night you might get up to go to the bathroom and decide that you do not need to tie the drawstring on your pajamas because you will soon be laying down again. Think again. It turns out that tying the drawstring is a vital step to keeping said string with your pajamas.

I’m not saying Kitten Thunder stole the string.

I am saying I found it in the cave in the living room this morning.

That is all.


7 responses to “A public service announcement from The Girl

  1. Brat. Tying the knot is *not* a nice subtitle.

  2. Wait — did they steal it (sorry, I mean, did it disappear) while you were sleeping? My cats can’t resist a moving drawstring, but they’ve never gone after one at rest.

    • Yes, it did. Obi and Oli are very good at entertaining themselves with a string – they move it on their own. On this particular set of pants the drawstring was a satin ribbon – extra attractive and easy to slip out of the pants.

      • Your cats are really talented.

        Thunder once swallowed a 3-foot piece of string (I saw it as he was swallowing the last inch. This resulted in a trip to the emergency vet and the only time I’ve ever praised him (the cat, not the vet) for vomiting.

  3. BTW, this page looks really strange in my browser (Firefox 12.0 on a Mac) — I see the post, and the comments, and then a truncated version of the same post. Here’s a screenshot: http://imm.io/mguu

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