The best box ever

Obi and Oliver have a favorite box. It is the perfect size for napping. It is upholstered in a fabric that is pleasant to scratch. And it has a lid that folds over for a hammock-like feel.

Best of all, this box appears for limited engagements. The fact that it goes away makes it all the more fabulous when it returns.

The cost of getting to spend time with this special box is that The Boy has to go away. You see, this box is his suitcase. It comes out of his closet the day before a trip. It stays out for several days after he returns.

But as long as The Girl doesn’t get her suitcase out, they seem to think this is a price worth paying. It is a most excellent box. For whoever gets there first in the evening, it is a preferred location for night long slumber no matter how many times The Girl calls.

The Boy came back from his trip Sunday night. The box was still out when I left Wednesday morning. Maybe The Boy will take pity on Kitten Thunder and leave the box out until I return.

Small comforts.


It is Thunder Thursday! Friend Kelly has adopted a handsome young kitten, who would be our featured kitty, but I am typing on my phone. So stayed tuned for a special Sunday edition of Thunder Thursday!


A special note from Thunder cousins, Spade and Gracie:

Gracie – pfffft

Spade – I was helping you unpack. I wasn’t stealing ANYthing from this suitcase. And I certainly wasn’t measuring it to see if I could stuff Gracie in it.

Gracie – pffffffst!  *glare* Why haven’t you burst into flames yet, vile human! I have focused all of my hatred toward you for two days!!!

One response to “The best box ever

  1. LOL, Mustang Sally loves that special box, too. But she hasn’t put it together with me leaving. Captain Jack is currently face planted in the basket of Sally’s toys choosing his favorites. Sally is watching from about 8 inches away being a toddler. “I don’t want it, but if you want it, it’s mine!”

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