There’s not much to tell about my return home from my trip. The kittehs held a grudge for as long as possible, but I have been forgiven. Oliver and I have napped and snuggled and napped and snuggled. Then, this afternoon, we saw what real grudge holding looks like.

The Boy came upstairs to tell me about kicking Obi while they were on the stairs. Obi Underfoot, as you may recall, has a tendency to get close to feet. It was bound to happen.

Obi seemed to agree with this and came out of the cave to forgive The Boy. Then The Boy stepped forward to scritch Obi and stepped on his toe.

With a squeak of pain the brown kitten disappeared into the cave.

He gave The Boy a wide birth, and several glares, throughout the afternoon. He was caught in the kitchen while we were unloading groceries and The Boy forced him to hear an apology.  Obi heard. He did not forgive.

It took chicken at dinner time for that.


It’s Thunder, um, Sunday! Here is the newest edition to Kelly’s family, Captain Jack. From all reports it sounds like Mustang Sally has decided to like him. Who could resist?


2 responses to “Grudge

  1. Chicken always does the trick.

    Capt. Jack is cute! Does he like rum?

  2. I’m so glad The Boy eventually got forgiven. Having a cat distrust you is a terrible thing.

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