Thunder rolls

Obi has had the hardest time napping this week. So hard, in fact, he’s thinking about napping with me on the couch right now. Thank goodness for blogging apps for the phone.

This afternoon we had a little bit of rain. The storm rolled up the plains, slowly, over an hour. There was slow, low thunder that rolled up with it. Every time it thundered, Obi’s eyebrows would raise. He’d lift his head up to look at the window.

Then I got up and closed the windows – just before it started raining. Obi followed me from window to window crying “I was watching that!”

Yesterday we had a different kind of thunder. Motorcycle thunder. I don’t begrudge any man or woman the right to ride a motorcycle. And I realize that loud is, for some reason, cool. But our neighbor and his riding buddy like to sit outside his garage and rev. And rev. And rev. And rev. And idle. And rev.

I was disturbed. The cats were disturbed. Zensai was disturbed.

About ten seconds after I slammed the windows shut…they left.

Nap on.


Well, not in this picture. This is Oliver glaring at me for not sharing my tea. He’d been washing his brother, thirsty work. And Obi’s back there finishing the job.


6 responses to “Thunder rolls

  1. Naps are awesome. Almost as awesome as naming cats Obi and Zensai. Not to mention, I can’t believe you wrote this on your phone. Too many amazing things in one blog. Rock…I mean blog on.

  2. Thunder used to be afraid of thunder. Fortunately, he got over it. Also, Obi is adorable in that picture.

  3. Poor Obi. Esme hates storms.

    • Luckily they are both pretty okay with storms – though after last year’s hail storm they were more than willing to go to the basement with me when the tornado warning sounded. Yesterday’s thunder was just keeping him from getting to REM sleep. So rude.

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