Tag Thunder

So. There’s this game of bloggy tag going on where you are supposed to link to the blog that tagged you and then answer these questions and tag other bloggers. Since we’ve been tagged by about everyone on ye olde blogroll, we are crediting everyone and tagging everyone there.
As it has taken me a long time to respond to this – you know how hard it is to get cats to cooperate in such things – I may very well be the last blog to do this.
Here it is, Kitten Thunder responds to the taggy questions:
1.  Book or movie and why?
Oliver: Books. The Girl reads in bed. I love bed. Though movies mean the couch. I love the couch. And sometimes there’s food on the couch.
Obi: Moving!
2.  Real book or e-book?
Oliver: Real books. I like the shape and texture under my back when I’m reading with The Girl. And sometimes her fingers get tired from holding the book up so she can see it over me – then she just puts it down and pays attention to me. As she should.
Obi: Depends. How many e-books do we have to stack up so I can see out the dining room window without standing? Right now we have four real books stacked there.
3. Funniest thing you’ve done in the last 5 years?
Oliver: Once I got The Girl up and down to serve breakfast without Obi noticing so I got both breakfasts. That was a funny joke.
Obi: I’m funny every day. I go into my cave and scare The Boy, The Girl and Oli when they walk by. They are ALWAYS unsuspecting! You’d think they’d learn! It’s so funny when I get them!
4.  Do you put yourself in the books you read/movies you watch?
Oliver: I put myself in The Girl’s book every time we read. I thought I answered this already.
Obi: Naw, I like to lay on The Girls feet. And to put myself in boxes. And paper bags.
5. How would your best friend describe you?
Oliver: Obi would say I’m comfortable to lay on and that I taste great. That comes from hours of bathing every day.
Obi: Oli would say I’m coming along nicely. And that I need a bath.
6.  Favorite kind of car and why?
Oliver: My favorite car is a dead car.
Obi: Any car I’m not in. And that The Girl’s not in.
7.  Would your choice of party be a catered meal or a barbecue out back?
Oliver: Yes.
Obi: As long as The Girl stays out of the kitchen, that’s alright with me. She makes the loud beepy thing go off. I don’t think she knows what she’s doing.
8.  What’s your favourite season and why?
Oliver: Fall. Smell-o-vision on and none of that stuff The Girl says makes me wheezy and gaggy. Plus the blankets come back out.
Obi: I like today. Lots of smell-o-vision and all the things on OutTV are doing stuff in pairs and chasing each other and stuff.
9.  What important lessons have you learned?  Spiritual, educational, and occupational?
   Spiritual – When all else fails, take a nap.
   Educational – Practice makes perfect; take a nap.
   Occupational – It’s my job to get us fed in the morning. Then I can take a nap.
   Spiritual – Ear kisses are heaven.
   Educational – Laying with the people is a hard skill to learn. But it is worth it.
   Occupational – I still haven’t figured out why The Girl stores her peanuts on the window sill. But I have learned that the squirrels and nuts are on one side and I am on the other. Also? Glass is hard.
10.  Besides writing, what’s your favorite thing to do when you get some extra time?
Oliver: Writing? Napping. Eating. Sleeping. Playing with Obi. And snacking.
Obi: Cave monster. Bed monster. Blanket monster. Stair monster. Closet monster. Condo monster. And napping.
11.  What’s one place you can be found at least one time every week?
Oliver: The condo. It’s like our desk when The Girl has decided we’ve done enough work on her desk.
Obi: Our house! We live there.


4 responses to “Tag Thunder

  1. Ti-Jacques has also learned that glass is hard. Marceau, unfortunately, has not yet learned that the people on the TV are not catchable.

  2. “I put myself in The Girl’s book every time we read. I thought I answered this already.”—Oliver you crack me up!

    Esme rain into a screen the other day. Hilarious!

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