Snapshots of Thunder

It has been a long weekend so the kittehs and I are blogging from the couch. It is the least I can do for the torment I’ve put them through.

Yesterday I actually succeeded in getting up and out the door for my birding field trip. It was awesome. I saw lots of birds, had a nice walk. Afterward, I read outside, watched some TV while I did sit ups, and did some work before we went to a party. It wasn’t until after we got back that I realized Oliver and I hadn’t napped ALL DAY. He made up for it by laying across my face while we tried to watch Saturday night bullriding.

We really made up for it this morning. Breakfast, then extended snuggling.


Obi has found the lazer mousie. Almost as soon as they finished testing him out the first day, Kitten Thunder put him in the cave under our recliner. Then, on Tuesday, Obi must have realized that a lazer mousie would be the perfect addition to the sheet cave. He’s been there ever since. He peeps. He flashes. He protects the cave.


Mr. Bear is really on the move this week. Every night, he comes upstairs. Some nights he comes all the way to bed and I wake up with him on my pillow. Then he comes downstairs in the daytime. Sometimes he hangs out in the hall. Sometimes he watches me work from the door of my office. Often, he contemplates a snack in the kitchen. Right now he is in the bag we keep for Kitten Thunder by Zensai’s tank.

He’s always nearby; you never know when you’ll knead your bear.

2 responses to “Snapshots of Thunder

  1. There have been a lot of little birds (robins, I think) in front of my house lately — on the lawn, in the trees, or just flying by. Holly makes me sit with her by the big front window while she purrs and tries to talk to them.

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