Bed Bugs

The Boy has been out of town for a couple days. This, of course, means that I’ve received extra attention from Kitten Thunder. Especially at night. And, now, from Mr. Bear as well.

Lately Mr. Bear has taken to sleeping tucked under the blankets behind my knees. This isn’t where Oliver sleeps. Oli sleeps in my arms, under the blankets, with his head on the pillow. Now, though, he makes sure Mr. Bear is settled before he comes to bed.

The first night The Boy was gone, Kitten Thunder and I read until late in the night. I turned out the light. Oliver left to go get Mr. Bear.

Then it happened. Something fluttered in my face. I new, of course, that this was a miller moth – they tend to dive bomb faces right after the light goes out. So I sputtered and waved him away and settled back down. But he came back! Again and again! Eventually, I figured out what was happening…

Not wanting to be outdone, Obi was tucking HIS favorite toy into my bed as well.

He brought millers to bed for a while last night, too. But hopefully, with The Boy’s return, this foolishness will stop.

The Boy got a surprising welcome from Kitten Thunder. Obi demanded a belly rub; this is not surprising at all. But then The Boy decided to take a nap – he’d been up since 3:30 a.m. mountain time. I figured he’d have company. Even if Oli didn’t nap WITH him, I figured he’d have two aura snugglers.

But no.

I didn’t realize, when doing my figuring, that The Boy had set up a perfect storm for neglect upstairs. First, the best box in the world has returned. That’s where Obi spent his afternoon. And second, The Boy opened his closet to hang up his suit. That’s where Oliver spent his afternoon.

You can’t blame them, really. Closets and boxes are fleeting. The Boy is forever.


It’s Thunder Thursday! I just spent way too much time looking at pictures of LOL cats. And this is the one I picked.



3 responses to “Bed Bugs

  1. “Oli sleeps in my arms, under the blankets, with his head on the pillow.”—-That’s so cute! Esme sleeps inbetween my knees. Occasionally she sleeps across my neck, but now I don’t think she’s trying to sleep, I think she’s trying to suffocate me.

    • Holly insists on getting under the covers — but just for a minute. One cat or the other usually sleeps behind my knees. There are about eight standard sleeping configurations for the two cats. It gets a little complicated.

  2. After The Boy gets up (too early) on the weekend and feeds the cats, Oliver will come up and lay under the covers, facing me, with his head on The Boy’s pillow. This is the way he prefers it but that extra person in bed has ruined his life.

    And the sleeping in the arms thing is very cute – except that he’s 14 pounds of insistent about it and the people get hurt if they are laying too close together when he decides he wants in.

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