Last week The Boy and I paid $800 for some special OutTV programming. I thought a great blog post would come from “Tree Trimmers in the Front Yard.” Well, I’ve really got to stop thinking.

Kitten Thunder didn’t look out the window at all. They napped through the whole thing.

Today, as one might expect with cats, we had great OutTV for free today. It started with our normal squirrel on the window sill. Obi was doing a great job staying calm. He just watched. No leaping or lunging at the window.

Then something started cawing outside the office this afternoon. It would caw. I would grab the binoculars and go outside. Nothing. Caw. Out. Nothing. Caw. Out. Nothing. Then I took one more step than usual and discovered the source of the caw. A blue jay on the window. Looking into my office. Two feet from where I’d been sitting at my desk.

And then…it happened.

Oliver arched his back. Obi let out a low growl. Both cats grew to twice their size as each of their three-inch hairs stood on end. A lady strolling down the alley was cooing and talking softly.

She turned into our driveway.

She walked to our window..

She disappeared.

When she stood back up she was holding a black cat. She turned and carried him back to their yard.

Kerfuffle over. Fur down. Eventually.


As I started this post, The Boy opened the window in the living room. Jeff TV with smell-o-vision. It’s Oliver’s favorite show.


5 responses to “Kerfuffle

  1. Do they not like other cats, black cats, or blue jays?

    • I’m pretty sure it is all cats in their driveway. Just because THEY can’t go out, doesn’t mean other cats should be in their out.

      Blue jays make them lay flat. Compared to a sparrow, that is a big bird.

  2. At least they didn’t fight with each other. Thunder and Holly have been known to fight with each other for days after seeing another cat through the glass door.

    • Because each thinks it is the other’s fault that the cat came near?

      • I think the outside cat makes them mad, but they can’t fight with it, so they focus their anger on each other. It doesn’t happen all the time, and when it does it’s usually over within a few hours, but there have been some epic incidents that have gone on for days. There’s nothing quite like listening to two cats *inside* your house making angry cat noises at each other when you’re trying to sleep.

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