Thou shall not covet…

The Boy grilled chicken for dinner tonight. As we sat down to eat, on the couches in the living room, The Boy suggested that Oliver might be coveting his meal. This just because Oliver was sitting on the arm of the couch, eying and sniffing.

Oliver was taken aback by the accusation.

To prove The Boy wrong, Oliver’s legs went away. A kitten without legs obviously can not covet.

We finished eating and The Boy, who is coming along nicely with his training, set his plate on the floor. But the grey kitten had no legs. He looked at the plate. He looked at The Boy. Floor. Boy. Floor. Boy.

The Boy had no pity. He would not raise the plate to the lips of my legless grey kitten.

Obi tried the plate but found nothing of interest.

I put my plate on the floor. Obi thought it was very interesting. Evidently, horseradish is more appealing to the feline palette than barbecue sauce.

Oliver’s legs returned and he was able to make it to my plate for his share. His reward for not coveting.


5 responses to “Thou shall not covet…

  1. Hahaha, Odin had no legs last night too! Great post! 🙂

  2. Esme is a fan of BBQ chips.

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