Who Will Tell the Grey One?

Happy Father’s Day!

At this very moment I am in a car on my way to Salt Lake City for my family’s annual trip to Lagoon. It is the best amusement park ever! The Boy stayed home. I am going to be gone long enough that he’ll have to empty litter boxes and feed the dragon. I’m sure he’s looking forward to both of these experiences.

Yesterday, Obi was helping me in the basement when I got the suitcase out and shoved clothes in it. He followed me around until I left with furrowed brow.

“I will be okay if you go,” his look said. “But who will tell Oliver?”

The Boy reports that Oliver, so far, is coping well. He slept on The Boy’s feet – it’s a new thing he is trying out. And they didn’t start to starve to death until nearly 6:45 this morning.

Mr. Bear is taking the day off. Evidently The Boy, who never requires as much supervision as The Girl, can be adequately watched by two kittens.

The bear deserves some time off. And maybe a massage later this afternoon.


One response to “Who Will Tell the Grey One?

  1. Hope you have a fun trip!

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