Home again, home again

Oliver is pleased to announce the return of his Girl. I got home in time to snuggle the kitties briefly before my dentist appointment. Then I had to leave. And while I was out I also went over to my friend Mona’s house to take care of kitties.

I started by jamming a dropper full of antibiotics down Gabe’s throat. He forgave me.


Then I fed Gus her special food. When she was done eating I gave her a pill. This is her telling me I can go now.


While I was trying to get a pill into Gus, her sister Jenny sat on the coffee table. Watching and purring.


When I got home, Oliver was less than impressed with the new smells I’d brought home. He’s covered them up with his own hair and smells and purry goodness.

And Obi, as predicted, is snuggling the aura.

It’s Thunder Thursday! And I just wrote a whole post about the guest cats!


3 responses to “Home again, home again

  1. Gracie would like me to tell you good bye (or good riddance). She is happy to have her bed back!

  2. Awww. My cats are surprisingly un-jealous of other cat smells on me. They just think they’re really, really interesting.

  3. Gus, Gabe and Jenny want you back. Since you were the first to really take up the new “unwell older cats” routine, they say I don’t do it right. And they say I have never put their photos on the internet. However, they ARE happy to have someone sleeping in the bed. Don’t tell them I’m gone Friday night and Saturday night…maybe they won’t notice. Oh. And they say big thank you to Aunt Angi for the TLC.

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