The Passive Aggressive Snuggle of Doom

If you haven’t been distracted by that silly hurricane on the east coast, you are probably aware that it has been super hot across most of the country. Wyoming is no exception. We are already having July temperatures.

We are big fans of fans here in the Thunder household.


Both the ceiling fan, which is conveniently located above the loveseat…and two kittehs. And the fan on my desk, which Obi spent a lot of time in front of yesterday.


The heat has made us a little crabby. On Monday morning, Oliver was doing his normal routine of all things annoying to get me out of bed. Finally, I had had enough.

I grabbed him.

I pulled him in for a snuggle.

I would not let him go.

For the final twenty minutes before my alarm went off I held him against his will. If he backed up, he hit my legs. If he lunged forward he tangled in my arms and got a kiss on the head. I didn’t do anything he wouldn’t normally like if it had been his idea. It was the meanest snuggle ever.

Last night the thought of sleeping upstairs was unbearable. We have moved to the basement. Sooooo much better. Especially in the morning. In order to hear the birds, Kitten Thunder went upstairs before dawn.

It is awful hard to wake The Girl and watch birds at the same time when they are two stories apart. I slept until my alarm woke me up.


Also glorious? It is raining right now. Two kittens and a Girl are leaning into the window, sniffing the wet air and enjoying the cool.



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