Plight of the Pudding Head

Grey kittens, it seems, are particularly prone to a type of goofy that is endearing. It is the kind of goofy where you just accept that there is “nuttin’ but puddin'” in that little head of theirs. Oliver, most certainly, is a pudding head.

My sweet grey kitten’s fluffy brain has kept him from being able to figure out where we’re sleeping. This was true before we moved to the basement but it is worse now. If I don’t remember to carry him downstairs with me, he cries and cries from the main floor. “Where is my Girl? Where did she go?”

Usually he goes back upstairs after I take him down, but at least he knows where I am. Assuming, of course, that he’ll take half a minute to think about it. At the very least it cuts the crying from half an hour to ten minutes.

When he finds me I get a head butt and a big purr.


It looks like Mr. Bear is taking an extended vacation. He was next to my bed when I got up yesterday so I put him in the cupboard on my headboard. Oliver looked for him a couple times. Lucky for me, pudding heads are easy to distract.

Obi almost ruined it all this morning when he was playing on the headboard and almost opened that cupboard.

As you can see, the Feline Heat Index measures “very hot.”


Obi has had a bad day. It is hot. He has a fur coat. He fell off the couch. He missed a jump to the condo from the desk and dropped to the floor in an undignified way. And he’s hot. Poor brown kitten.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today we bring you Mechanic Cat. This cat showed up while my brother was out working on his car (my brother’s, not the cat’s). The cat not only helped under the hood, he walked down to the garage to help pick out tools.



2 responses to “Plight of the Pudding Head

  1. Mechanic Cat looks really helpful.

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