Rubbed the wrong way

The new office situation, with the kitty condo right next to the plentiful surface area of my desk, has advantages and disadvantages.

The Disadvantage:

Oh, the stationary Thunder we had today. Oliver had possession of the condo. Obi was laying on the desk. They were both happy with this situation. But that doesn’t mean a brothery situation won’t occur.

Poke. Poke poke. “I’m not touching you.”

Poke. THWAP! “I’m not touching you either.”

And then it was on. Obi stood up to get better thwapping leverage. He and Oli thwapped and thwapped and thwapped. But if a cat is standing on his back legs to thwap with his front legs, he needs his tail for balance.

Thwap. Tail swing. Computer mouse goes flying. Thwap. Tail swing. Pens roll to the floor. Thwap…tail swing…

The Advantage:

Later on, Obi was laying in the condo. Oliver came in and jumped into the nest on top – he somehow manages to land without squishing Obi. Immediately, Obi grabs Oli’s leg and wrestles him down into napping position. And the bathing begins.

First Obi washed Oli’s face. Then he reached up and yanked Oliver’s head lower so he could do a thorough cleaning of the grey ears. And I do mean thorough. Obi probably knows if Oli’s brain tastes like pudding.

Then it was Oliver’s turn. He licked all of Obi’s hair against the grain so it was standing straight up. This is hilarious. Until it dries that way and someone has to brush the brown hair back down.

Then they put their heads down together and took turns washing the four front paws that jutted out from beneath their chins.

Super cute. Super worth the “disadvantage.”


The Boy just came home and helped me bring a new office chair in from my car. I wish I’d had the video camera out. More on that later – it’s late.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Last June I introduced you to Annabelle. Here she is, a year later, showing the world her refined fashion sense.

Fashion isn’t about comfort or fit, it is about style.


2 responses to “Rubbed the wrong way

  1. Annabelle really does have style — most cats can’t pull off the right-shoe-on-left-paw look, but somehow, she makes it work.

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