The Chairy Go Round

Since I started working at home I have been looking for a new chair for my office. The one I had, an adorable paisley director’s chair, cut off the circulation in my legs after the first couple hours. For a couple months I’ve been using one of our dining room chairs. Unpadded. Uncomfortable.

The problem is that really cheap chairs are still really expensive for my fledgling business. And spending a lot of money on a cheap chair doesn’t make sense to me. So, when my friend Brittany posted on Facebook that she had an office chair for sale, I scooted right over to her house and picked it up.

I got it into the car okay. And, truth be told, I probably could have gotten it into the house with a lot of struggle and looking foolish. Instead, I waited for The Boy to come home and move it for me. In just three years with The Boy I have totally gotten over the need to prove that, as a girl, I can do anything a man can do. I mean, yes, I can if I have to and I did EVERYTHING for the ten years I owned my house. But if I can make the same thing happen by asking him…

Anyway, the chair came in with hardly any struggle and landed in the hallway. Obi was on it in a flash. He LOVED the chair. He marked both arms, the back, all four corners of the seat and along the back with chin rubs. Then he did it again.

Oliver wanted to love the chair, but Obi wouldn’t let him up. Every time he put his front feet on the chair Obi would smack him. “My chair.” And this turned out to be super cute and I wish I’d had my camera ready. Whenever Oli would put his feet up and Obi would smack him…

The chair would turn.

They turned it and turned it and turned it for about five minutes before Oliver finally gave up. Then The Boy and I stepped in and spun the chair faster. Obi was perfectly happy, riding his chair and spinning.

After about ten minutes we decided to stop fooling around and moved the chair into the office. There is a rug under my desk so The Boy had to lift the chair – and its brown kitten – up high enough to clear the desk and not snag the rug. Obi was perfectly happy, riding his chair and flying.

Then I ruined it all. I was doing Thursday night’s blog when The Boy came home and I had to finish it. I picked Obi up and sat him in my lap,  but that was not nearly as good. He sat on the desk and glared at me until I finished up and got out of his chair.

I don’t have to regret not having the camera ready on Thursday to show you the glare. He’s glaring at me right now.

“My chair.”


2 responses to “The Chairy Go Round

  1. That’s a really effective-looking glare. I’m not sure I’d be able to withstand it.

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