I Didn’t Miss You


I was across the state for a couple days. This is Oliver showing me that he didn’t miss me at all. I’ve been home for two hours, though, and my evening workout has been interrupted by a grey snuggler.

He’s letting me blog while he washes my forearms.

Obi was more open about missing me. And Zensai? He missed me so much his ears fell out.



It’s Thunder Thursday! Here’s a picture of Cousin Spade.  He doesn’t know why I’m taking his picture. Doesn’t everyone nap laying across two chairs?



3 responses to “I Didn’t Miss You

  1. I don’t see any black cat hair on the white upholstery in that last picture. Do Cousin Spade’s people spend all their free time vacuuming?

    • My mom has a lifetime of experience that results in the appearance of no hair on those chairs. First, Spade has short hair. Second, she had those chairs upholstered in a fabric that doesn’t hold onto cat hair. Also, this picture was taken only a day after the dining room was cleaned. And, most importantly, I took the picture at an angle where you can’t see the cat hair on her chairs because I am a well trained daughter.

  2. Oliver is just showing you that you shouldn’t have left 😉

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