Double standards

Last week, when my family was in town, Oliver and Obi were up to their usual behavior. With the whole family witnessing it, Obi was standing with all four feet on Oliver and gnawing on him.

Oliver made purr face.

Obi chewed and chewed. He bit down and yanked. He licked. Then he bit again. My family was in pain just watching it.

Oliver made purr face.

Finally, I asked Obi to stop because it was bothering the people. He plunked down next to Oli and washed his ears. What ev.


This afternoon, Oli and Obi were in the condo. The beginnings of a thunder started to show…a poke, a jab to the eye, teeth shown. Then Oliver bit Obi.

Obi cried and looked at me.

The brown kitten got up and started stomping in a circle. Oliver bit him on the leg.

Cry. Look.

Obi jumped onto the window sill. Oliver leaned over the condo wall and bit at Obi’s ear. He missed.

Obi cried anyway.

Finally, I asked Oli to stop because he was bothering the person. Obi plunked back down in the condo and the thunder turned into a bath.


Obi has sneezles this week. He has big streaks of 20 or 30 sneezes right in a row. Poor kitten. Hopefully when he feels better he will let his brother chew on him.

7 responses to “Double standards

  1. Have you ever had one of those days where you’re just minding your own business, reading a few blogs, and then suddenly you’re overcome by the urge to write a series of children’s books about a family called the Sneezles?

  2. well at least he listens! 🙂

  3. Great site. So glad I happened upon it.

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