Does a bear pee in the woods?

In our house, The Boy and I often find ourselves asking questions for which the answer could be considered obvious. We generally follow up said questions with either “why yes, the Pope is Catholic,” or “why yes, bears do pee in the woods.”

Here are some of those obvious questions:

“Oliver, would you like some breakfast?”

“Obi, do you want a belly rub?”

“Obers, is it time for a brushing?”

“Should we open a window?”

“Should we add some tuna to this?”

“Obi, do you want some cheese?”

“Oli, should we take a nap?”

“Oliver Pi, are you the most handsome grey kitten in all the world?”

See, obvious questions with obvious answers.


2 responses to “Does a bear pee in the woods?

  1. If you were to read transcripts of the conversations I have with my cats, you’d probably conclude that I’m really bad at remembering who’s a good kitty and who’s a pretty cat.

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