We started out Monday like everyone should: with the magic toy making stick. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere. With just one sweep of the stick we liberated all of Obi’s most favorite toys ever. With the teddy bear mouse, the flat leopard skin mouse, funky chicken, disco dodo and the pink fuzzy, he was at a loss about which to play with first.

But then we had to go to work.

Oliver and Obi were both in the office when Obi found a catnip ball. A fight started over the ball. Oliver was winning. Since this is hardly fair to the brown kitten who found the ball, there was just one thing to do.

We broke out the prime quality, grade-A California nip that Kitten Thunder’s grandperson brought with her at Christmas.

They ate. They rubbed. They rolled. They drooled. They chewed. They purred. I filled toys with fresh nip. And I rubbed some on the others.

The result? Peace and love, man.



5 responses to “Nipday

  1. Both my cats like catnip, but Holly likes it more than Thunder does. This is a problem: if I give them identical catnip toys, Thunder will see that Holly is having a better time than he is and conclude that her toy is better. So he’ll take it away from her, and then she’ll start playing with his original toy, and he’ll notice that she’s having more fun than he is …

    • Poor Thunder. I mean, I guess he’s being a bully, but I still feel bad for him. Maybe because I’ll channeling mommy guilt from not teaching Oliver how to play with toys. He’s always amazed when Obi is playing because, until his brother came, Oli was only able to make milk rings “work.”

  2. Esme loves the catnip, but last cat was unaffected. She just said “No” to catnip. It’s a gateway drug.

  3. Grooovy! Kitty DrunkDrunk wants to party with you guys!!

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