Oliver’s Orders

I woke up tire this morning. I fell asleep on the couch after I fed the cats but woke up in time to get two cups of coffee down before my meeting, over coffee, downtown.

I was working through the tired when my friend Sarah called and asked if I could  meet her for lunch. I felt like I couldn’t, but I couldn’t remember why. So I went. I was dragging and looking forward to a quick nap after lunch. As I was eating, something got stuck in my teeth and I remembered – I had a 1 p.m. dentist appointment! I flew out of the restaurant just in time to get home and brush my teeth and get to the dentist.

I had my permanent crown put on the evil tooth. It has been exactly one year since this very painful journey began. On top of already being tired, visiting the dentist always makes me need a nap.

So when I got home…I took one. With a grey kitten, of course.

“Oliver,” I said after an hour, “I need to get up.”

“Hush, Girl,” his look said as he rested a white paw on my lips. “Don’t be silly. Just close your eyes.” I did.

But eventually I did have to get up because we had a picnic tonight and I still had to pick plums – some to grill for our contribution to the picnic and then some to give to anyone that would take them because our poor plum tree is weighed down with fruit. A branch snapped in two this morning from the weight.

If you’ve never grilled plums you should do it. They are delicious. Sooooo delicious.

And now I am back from the picnic.  Obi has been cute today, but he has carefully avoided doing anything that could be turned into a blog post. He was being adorable in the office until the second the video camera turned on. Then he sat down and stared at me until the camera turned off.

Oliver came in and issued an order that I think I’ll follow: “phone in the blog post, Girl. Let’s go to bed.”


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today we are celebrating the fact that my bloggy friend Holly, from The Aluminium Foiled My Plans, has brought three human pets into the world. Welcome Gaius Oliver, Ayla Evelyn and Zarek Leonard. They were born early and tiny but strong and healthy.

Congratulations, Holly and D!



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