Check your drawers

I was in the basement working out yesterday. This, of course, requires a great amount of feline supervision. Our basement has a kitchenette in it, where The Boy stores train stuff and Kitten Thunder plays in the cupboards.

After a while, Oliver was lost. At least, Obi didn’t know where he was. He kept poking his head in the cupboard. No Oli. Obi would jump onto the counter. No Oli.

As Obi sat in the paint booth, feeling confused, I decided to help him out.

After forcing him to endure some ear kisses, I very carefully opened the drawer beneath him. Just a little.

A dainty white paw emerged. As Obi leaned down to see, a second white paw shot out and punched him in the nose.

A drawer Thunder ensued. This was great fun for all involved.

And then the grey drawer monster was left in peace to continue his nap. Oliver magically reappeared a couple hours later.


5 responses to “Check your drawers

  1. I have a nightstand with a drawer like that. Holly used to climb into and out of it from the back without ever opening the drawer. One thing I’ve learned is that if you tell someone “Holly’s in the drawer” without giving them sufficient background information, they’ll be horrified and think you put her there.

  2. MOL
    Drawers: a very god spot to hide, nap, observe…

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