“Are we playing?”

It is a question that The Boy and I ask Kitten Thunder when it seems like, maybe, only one of the kittehs is having fun. Usually it is because Oli is crying and Obi is biting too hard. This was one of those nights where the question was asked numerous times.

After a bunch of butt biting, Oliver took shelter in the cave behind our recliner. Obi was following him and would have had a real advantage…but the laptop box is in front of that cave. Box…no, focus, cave…box…

The box won. Obi crawled in. A few minutes later, Oliver came out of the cave and sat on the box. The box did not hold his 14 pounds of fluffy. Scraping noises came from the box and suddenly it occurred to Oli that someone was inside. He listened to the scraping with interest.

A brown foot oozed out of the box. Then it pulled back in. Scratching. A brown face oozed from the box. And one front paw. And…Obi was stuck.

Oli reached down and patted his squished brother on the nose. Then he licked his flattened brother’s ear. Then Oliver jumped off the box. Obi’s eyes bulged a little.

A while later, after Obi left, Oliver crawled into the box. He’s a little bit tall and “internally fluffy” get into this particular box gracefully. But get in he did.

Seconds later, Obi arrived to exact his revenge. Onto the box! Sadly, the box does hold the brown kitten’s weight.

We gave him some cheese to fatten him up.

Someday, Obi. Some day.


7 responses to “Squish

  1. I’m not sure Obi is owed revenge. I think the flattening and nose-swat were Oli’s revenge for Obi’s butt-biting. I also think I have a promising career ahead of me as a kitten fight referee.

  2. This made me smile! Great story! 🙂

  3. Butt biting? I thought that was a dog thing.

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