Where are you going?

We had a long, productive day today. About an hour ago, Oliver was laying on my chest for a snuggle. Then he got up and started walking away. I rolled over to my side.

“Where are you going?”

He stopped. Turned. Came back.

Good question.


Obi has had forty belly rubs today. Since they mostly came from me, they quickly degenerated into biting and licking and kicking. And then the kitten gets wrapped in the cave and gitchy gitchied.

Eventually I would get up and walk away. A brown kitten lunged out and grabbed my feet.

“Where are you going?”


It is Thunder Thursday! This week I kitteh sitted for Mona’s fuzzies. They immediately set out to prove everything she’s told me about them wrong. Gus ate all of her food in one sitting, then licked the other two plates clean. She did not want to go to the office to eat. And she didn’t need to because Gabe didn’t even try to eat her food.

And this? This is a kitteh who doesn’t like people…purring and getting a belly rub.




5 responses to “Where are you going?

  1. Is that YOUR arm, giving a belly rub……in a PINK sweater ??? LOVE all the KT’s. Thanx, Grandma

  2. Sure, it’s possible that Mona’s fuzzies set out to prove her wrong — but have you considered the possibility that you might have gone to the wrong house?

    • So then I go over for my second trip to their house and realize that I gave Gus the normal food and gave Genni and Gabe the special kidney food. No wonder she wolfed it down! I have officially lost my best kitteh sitter in the world status.

      But everyone got belly rubs today.

  3. Does NOT explain Jenni and the belly rubs WITH purring… but does explain the haste for Gus to eat QUICK without going to the bedroom. Upon my arrival, I got, “Hi, Mom! Hi, Mom! Where’s Girl? Where’s Girl? We want you both. Can we have you both? Where’s Girl? Hi, Mom!” — BTW, Jenni actually likes people – from a distance. On Girlfriend Nights, she sits in the middle of the room…unless someone (other than Angi) approaches her, at which points she exits slowly, with dignity… Time to open the bedroom door for Gus to come out… and see if she ate all that nasty-smellin’ fud…

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