Say Cheeeeeeeese Treats!

Confession: The Boy and I have been on vacation for the last week. I bought some cheese flavored treats for kitteh (and dragon!) sitter Lori to bribe Obi with.

But Obi decided he does not need Lori’s help.


We’ve decided to stop leaving bags of treats on the coffee table.

2 responses to “Say Cheeeeeeeese Treats!

  1. I have a couple bags of Temptations that look like that (well, almost — Thunder likes to chew through the middle of the bag, not the bottom). I actually tried to switch to Pounce because it comes in unchewable jars, but my cats didn’t like it.

  2. Good Morning………You must be home, anxious to hear all about all the adventures……Barb e’d us about the whale watching, she loved it….you look so cold on pic she sent. Nathans Mom looks like a tiny little lady. Where does she live ? Did you go to her house ?

    I’ll miss your Dad today….darn….I want to hear all about the deer hunting. I’m going to Pizza Hut with my 2 walking buddies…..we’ve already put it off 3 times.

    Love you, enjoy winter…..we suddenly got a “ton” of snow last nite…..& some this morning.

    Stay warm, Grandma

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