The Boy and I were in California for seven days. Since returning, I have been very well supervised. As was the window guy who came to give me a quote this evening. For one thing, he brought an awesome bag thing with window parts in it.

Obi wanted in the bag something fierce. I kept picking him up and holding him in my lap. Then he’d walk off. Next thing I knew he was in the bag again. Lap. Away. Bag. Lap. Away. Bag. Eventually he’d reached his limit for snuggle time and started biting me. He was sent away with a swat to the bottom.

The second he was gone, Oliver walked in and started trying to get into the bag. So he was on my lap. Obi came and sat on the window guy’s worksheet.

This was after both Oliver and Obi helped us discuss the windows on the cat shelf. They were in his face, on his workbook, playing with his tape measure…and they followed us downstairs to discuss the windows over the train layout. Obi liked that – he was at shoulder height with window guy.

I did apologize to window guy for the attention he was getting. It occurs to me that he might be wondering why I didn’t lock up the kittens. I know why. Two kittens locked up would be loud. And distracting. And traumatizing to the kittens who have not left my side since we got home on Tuesday.


It’s Thunder Thursday! While we were in California, we visited some kittehs that helped us get through the time without our fuzzies.

Benjy and Freddy hosted us in Monterey. There was a lot of belly rubbing during the two days we were there. Benjy even met me at the bathroom door in the middle of the night and informed me that I could pet him for half an hour before going back to sleep. He accommodated me by going back to the bed so I could lay down.

Lacey, in Redwood City, was not too interested in hostessing. She watched us. From afar.

Lacey’s brother, Chuck, was more active in his hosting. Or in his attempt to turn us into slaves. He has the tell-tale yowl of an older, deaf cat that reminded me of Poco. At least, that’s why I think I picked him up every time he asked. We’re pretty sure we spoiled him rotten and he is now insufferable.

And then, in China Town, I found these itteh bitteh kittehs. We adopted them and brought them home.

4 responses to “Catifornia

  1. Deciding which contractor to hire is always difficult. You’re lucky you have such diligent kitties to help you.

    • Yes, they are very good at evaluating contractors. Oliver liked the cable lady that not only let him in her bag, but carried him to the basement in the bag and then made him a toy out of leftover cable. The guys that rewired my old house were also very nice to him.

      Obi has less experience with contractors, but he showed window guy all his tricks and cuteness. They got into The Boy’s shower together to look at that window. He jumped up on the wall in the stairwell so they could look at those windows together…

  2. Benjy would like you to come back to Catifornia – he is lacking in middle of the night belly rubs. He says that HIS boy and girl do not provide that service. It is a rough life for one so cute.

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