Dragon shaped hole

The Thunder household lost a family member yesterday. Zensai, my bearded dragon, died at almost 12 years old. Oliver and Obi knew first and started acting really weird. I feel bad because I attributed their behavior to The Boy going away for a model railroad show this weekend. I scolded them for the senseless yowling in the corner of the living room. Now I know what they were saying.

I buried my bearded dragon under some bearded irises in our yard. Not only is it a fun play on words, but they happen to be my favorite flowers and they can be planted in October. Hopefully they’ll come up with super beard power next spring.

It is weird, today, to be in the living room without the gigantic lizard tank. Both cats are super snuggly – like Obi actually slept in my lap for a couple hours. There is a whole bunch of empty wall and floor back there that needs to be filled. Plus I had to turn on a light because the box of light is gone.

So…there’s no way to turn this into a funny post. We’ll come back on Tuesday will something cute or funny.

Thanks, Zensai. We had a good run.


10 responses to “Dragon shaped hole

  1. I am so sorry about Zensai – I am thinking he was one lucky reptile to have picked you as his “Mom.” I am sending you a big lizard hug and am glad the kittehs are giving you extra snuggles.

  2. I’m so sorry. My Thunder sends purrs.

  3. Zensai just looked like a cool guy. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m glad you and the kitties gave him good companionship for so long. You said you couldn’t find humor in this post; you did crack me up by burying him under the bearded irises. How appropriate! Give the fuzzy ones condolence scritches from my pack in Seattle. They’ll need to adjust too.

  4. Sorry to hear that 😦

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