Conservative with the kisses, Liberal with the belly rubs

I apologize to anyone who looks forward to my usual three posts per week. Not only did I not do a great job blogging last week, but then on Sunday I forgot it was Sunday and didn’t post at all. And yesterday I thought it was Tuesday all day; I don’t know what that makes today.

Anywho, today – in case you hadn’t noticed – was election day. No matter what party you align with, the best place to follow the election is Twitter. The twitterverse is full of very funny people. Oliver was trying to lay with me on the couch tonight. I’ve been gone all day and he really needed a snuggle. But he finally gave up on me because I was laughing so much and it was disturbing his nap.

He went upstairs.

A while later he came downstairs to give me another chance. The laughter continued. He gave me five minutes before walking off in a huff.

Obi has stuck with me the whole time…on the far end of the couch. He cast his own ballot – for continued belly rubs, cheese treats and ear kisses (in moderation). He also favors his two household representatives who hold him so he can be tall.

That’s a platform he can stand on.


2 responses to “Conservative with the kisses, Liberal with the belly rubs

  1. I admire Obi’s consistency. Thunder keeps flip-flopping on the issue of tallness: he’ll demand to be picked up, then he’ll look around and purr, then demand to be put down, then demand to be picked up, …

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