Oliver went to the vet yesterday for his annual shots and exam. He cried all the way there and complained to the doctor about my driving when she came into the exam room. After checking him out closely she has verified that he is exactly 14 pounds, healthy, and incredibly handsome.


This morning, we started the day with a fight. It was one of those thunders that starts to look like it isn’t fun for both kittens. Oliver was crying. Obi was biting hard. The Girl intervened.

A little while later, Obi was being a burrito kitten – wrapped up in the sheet that makes his cave. Oliver came along and instigated a thunder. Seconds later he was crying like Obi was playing too rough. Unfortunately for the grey kitten, The Girl saw the whole thing and HE was the one who was scolded.

Always look around before you try to frame your brother.


While I was out of the house today, somebody urinated on a blanket that was on the floor. I didn’t think much about it. I figured Oliver was expressing his dissatisfaction with the state of the litter box. The blanket went in the wash (note to self: the washing machine stopped over an hour ago, go put the laundry in the dryer once the blog is done.)

A while later, though, I noticed Obi acting a little strangely. He was washing his, um, boy bits, and seemed to be taking some extra time. He’d stop – leg still in the air – and look around. Then wash. Then stop. Then wash. Then stop.

An alarm bell went off in my head. Does Obi have a urinary tract infection? With the blanket, plus the fact that I will be traveling this weekend so drugs would be left to The Boy, made illness seem likely.

And so the brown kitten was subjected to a GIRL scan. I pushed on his stomach and looked for pain reactions. I looked under his tail. I sniffed for excessive urine smell.

I earned myself a horrified look from both Obi and Oliver.

He’s fine. Oliver did a better job framing his brother this time.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Kelly’s crew provided me with a picture tonight. She was thinking they were being kind of quiet while she was cooking dinner. Then she turned to see this.


Kelly thinks they’re up to something. I think that’s unfair. And my opinion isn’t changed even slightly by that box of cat food by the cupboard.


5 responses to “Framed

  1. I still think they were up to something. The silence of scaling the cabinets was eerie. Sally always grumps when Harley gets that close. Cats of the Corn, maybe?

  2. GIRL scans are so much more cost-effective than that other kind.

    This must be the week for cat-related laundry — Thunder woke me the other day by coughing up a hairball on a blanket on the bed. Which reminds me, you should go take the laundry out of the dryer.

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