Mix Up Fix Up

With the lizard tank out of the living room, there was a huge space of…space. The Boy and I decided to rearrange the furniture to see if that would help.

The recliner, which no one every sits in, has been over by the window. We are seeing if that is why no one sits there – because it is a weird angle from which to watch TV. Kitten Thunder did use the chair as a cave, a napping spot, and a starting point for thunders. Now it is in the middle of the room where the loveseat used to be.


Obi was not pleased. For one thing, the chair rocks because it isn’t against the wall. And we moved his perfect napping spot that was on the back of the loveseat.

Turns out, the chair works okay.


Obi can nap on the back of the chair even when The Boy is sitting in it. Even if The Boy reclines. Except…there are better places to be when the chair is reclined.




There is a little hammock formed by the back of the chair when it is reclined. This picture is right after Oliver shoved Obi in. Obi spent quite a while laying in there.

Then he got out and I told The Boy it was safe to unrecline – just as Oli stuck his head in. We stopped the chair just before grey pudding head was squished.

So the verdict? Kitten Thunder is okay with the new layout. The people, though, are going to have to adapt to making eye contact with all cats before exiting the chair.


One response to “Mix Up Fix Up

  1. Or you could just leave the chair permanently reclined.

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