Cave monster, trapped

My apologies if this has come to you three times. Even worse if you just got the blank post. I had some video issues.

Today I was wrapping a birthday present for my niece. As you might expect, I had some help. After we were finished, Obi got into his cave. Part of it was under my feet and Obi was soon stuck.

As you can see, Oliver and I rushed to help.


3 responses to “Cave monster, trapped

  1. Oli didn’t swat at the cave monster? I can’t decide whether I’m impressed or disappointed.

    • Oliver is doing his part. He walks by, “unsuspecting”, and the cave monster attacks him and they wrestle or thunder off. You can even tell him – if he doesn’t realize Obi is waiting in the cave – “Oli, go be unsuspecting for your brother” and he’ll go get attacked. So he’s waiting for the cave monster to get it together.

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