What’s in the Box?

Obi and I have been eagerly eyeing the box on the dining room table for several days. The Boy, I’m assuming more oblivious than malicious, has not opened it. And he has left it sitting there. Taunting us. For. Days.


Suddenly I was a kid again, painfully awaiting the time when I would be allowed to open the box. My Christmas present.

Mine. And Obi’s.

Finally, today, The Boy told me that I could open the box. Obi immediately took his portion of the present.



And I took mine. Down to the courthouse. Where The Boy and I got married today.



Oliver says he’ll take The Boy’s last name, but I am NOT to hyphenate it when he is in so much trouble that I use his full name.

Obi just wants to make sure he gets to keep his box.


8 responses to “What’s in the Box?

  1. Happy, happy day to you and the Boy – and your furries as well. Gorgeous ring, too! Sending you big hugs of congratulations – with wishes for your very own “happily ever after.”

  2. Congrats!!

  3. Congrats to you and The Boy! And how thoughtful of him to give you a ring in an Obi-sized box.

    P.S. In my head, your wedding ceremony ends with “I now pronounce you Boy and Girl.”

  4. Wonderful news! Congratulations to you and the Boy and the kittehs too. I had the strange urge to do the same thing on 12/12/12. After all, we have been engaged for 16 years. But, the day came and went, and we still are not man and wife. One of these days! Again, happiness to all!

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