Merry Christmas, Tubbo

The other day I was at a local coffee shop and the girl there gave me some expired muffins to take home for the neighborhood squirrels. I asked Kitten Thunder where we should put them.


Out the front window, said Oliver.


Out the front door, said Obi.

And so we did.



Tubbo watched from the tree.


It didn’t take him long to come down and try out the blueberry muffin.


Obi and I were thrilled to see him enjoy the Christmas treat. Soon after, though, he decided to take the muffin home with him. He carried an entire muffin up the side of the house.

Then he came back for the other one.

Someone needs to re-explain the term “taking the bait.”


Merry Christmas from around Wyoming!





One response to “Merry Christmas, Tubbo

  1. We hope you had a great Christmas!

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