Favorite people

Kitten Thunder loves both their people, but there are always going to be favorites. Oliver, obviously, prefers me because we’ve been together longer and I don’t have cooties. Obi has known The Boy as long as he has known me and they have a special understanding about belly rubs and when the brown kitten wants to be tall.

This doesn’t mean that Oliver won’t lay with The Boy to read. And sometimes Obi needs The Girl to kiss his ears or play a silly game with him.

But last night, at snuggle time, something interesting happened. I found myself alone on the love seat.

And alone in being awake.



2 responses to “Favorite people

  1. I think you can have up to four cats in a household without being considered crazy cat people. I’m just sayin’ …

    • I believe you are right – two cats per person seems about right. What I didn’t post was the picture of both cats with me on the couch while I blogged. I think it’s the quilt they’re choosing, regardless of the person.

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